Lemon Chicken in a White Wine Sauce…

Lemon Chicken in a White Wine Sauce Close

Another great recipe for summer and this time I decided to make lemon chicken in a white wine sauce, adapted from a recipe written and created by Martha Stewart. Chicken in summer, is always a great option as it is versatile and a leaner meat, making it perfect for those worried about their summer waistline. I… 

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Chicken Schnitzel

Lunch & Tea at Bettys, York

Arriving on a weekend in York with Bettys as a destination, can be a little troublesome. As soon as midday hits, you’ll find a queue snaking out of the door with hopeful guests wanting to try afternoon tea and cakes that Bettys is renowned for. Visiting the city and having only had a short visit once… 

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Ham, Beetroot & Feta Salad Close

Ham, Beetroot and Feta Salad

Summer’s just around the corner and I’ve taken a brief hiatus from dining-out to try and become a little healthier than I have been this year. To help, I’ve been trying to re-create some delicious salads for a warm summer evening and here is one of my favourites; Ham, Beetroot and Feta Salad. Ham, Beetroot… 

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Chicken Shop Condiments

Chicken Shop – An Alternative to Nando’s

Chicken Shop & Dirty Burger recently opened up a new restaurant in Whitechapel, East of London. The opening of both restaurant ventures meant that all food & drink on the menu was 50% off on the first two opening days. After wanting to visit Chicken Shop after loving Dirty Burger in Kentish Town, I couldn’t… 

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BBQ Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork

Bodean’s – A BBQ Smokehouse in London

Bodean’s is a restaurant for all lovers of meat, as that is all you’ll find on the menu – bar a few side dishes. The successful London chain has been around for a while with restaurants in Clapham, Tower Hill, Fulham, Balham and Soho. We decided to venture to the more central location of Soho…. 

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