The Ceviche of Dreams at The Only Running Footman…

Ceviche of King Scallops

I love a good gastropub. It consistently satisfies my need for a good cosy pub atmosphere whilst still serving good food and wine. Growing up in Yorkshire, I’m pretty familiar with a good ol’ pub and as much as I miss the quirky, historic pubs with a loud rowdy atmosphere, in London you want to… 

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Grilled Cornish Octopus

John Doe – A Disappointing, Smoky Evening

A newly opened restaurant replacing La Sophia near Ladbroke Grove, a French bistro that I was rather fond of, stands a proud British establishment aptly named John Doe. With a large enough dining area that feels roomier towards the back of the restaurant, we were seated at the front not only suffering from the cold every… 

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'All In' Chops

Blacklock – A Meat Lovers Dream

Soho; a central hub for restaurants in London (that would be my definition anyway), is constantly changing with new eateries opening weekly. As a foodie, it’s almost impossible to keep up-to-date not only with new restaurants, but more importantly finding the time to visit them all. Opened by ex-chef Gordon Ker from Covent Garden’s Hawksmoor Seven… 

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Raw Beef Bibimbap

Lime Orange – A Hidden Lunchtime Treat

Victoria is an area that is easily accessible for both commuting in and out of London; a perfect location for working but for food, it’s another story. Either you end up eating from one of the London chains such as Pret a Manger, or you pay through the nose for a good sit-down meal. I… 

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Amuse Bouche

Hibiscus – A Two Star Michelin Experience

When I started Ramblings of a Food Addict, it was always my intention to enter the world of fine-dining. Although, the start of my food journey has taken a more casual route veering towards the more trendy, affordable eateries across London, this year my journey becomes even more exciting. You may have noticed that I’ve… 

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