An Instagram Frenzy at Bob Bob Ricard…

Bob Bob Ricard Signature Chocolate Glory

I have always been a lover of social media and back in the days of MySpace, Bebo, Faceparty (we’re not even going to mention Habbo Hotel), the journey of social media has been a huge part of growing-up on the internet. Gone are the days where social media lingered only in your home but now it’s… 

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Hakka Chilli Paneer

Roti Chai – Indian Street Food with No Oomph

When I hear about a promising Indian restaurant in London, my heart flutters thinking about all the great Gujarati food I was brought up with ranging from spicy biryani’s, soft fluffy dhokla, tart okra curry and of course the crunchy yet succulent savoury samosas. For me, there is no greater comfort. Roti Chai is both… 

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Tokyo Ramen Close

Tonkotsu – A Poor Man’s Ramen

Although the weather has started to heat up towards the end of April, the beginning was another story and I started to crave ramen. After visiting Bone Daddies again in March, I wanted to try a new ramen joint since they now seem to be everywhere in London. Tonkotsu is also based in Soho and a… 

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Monkfish Cheeks with Red Lentil Daal

TED Restaurant or Rather “Think, Eat & Drink”

Now I’m not the best when it comes to environment issues, sustainability, worrying about the effects of the food industry or even buying ‘better’ ingredients. I love all kinds of food and as long as I’m exciting my palate with innovative flavours, I’m happy. TED restaurant popped up on my radar whilst I was looking… 

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Grilled Cornish Octopus

John Doe – A Disappointing, Smoky Evening

A newly opened restaurant replacing La Sophia near Ladbroke Grove, a French bistro that I was rather fond of, stands a proud British establishment aptly named John Doe. With a large enough dining area that feels roomier towards the back of the restaurant, we were seated at the front not only suffering from the cold every… 

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