An Enchanting Evening at Casa Bleve, Rome

Casa Bleve Roses

Casa Bleve was a late recommendation from a Roman friend. We were initially planning on visiting the Colosseum at night but alas, we’d missed out by one ticket. With a change of plan, we questioned whether to re-visit Da Fabrizio, but in a great city why visit the same restaurant twice? The interior of Casa…

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Salmon Amuse Bouche-2

A ‘Colossal-eum’ Birthday at Aroma Restaurant, Rome

Okay so I may have fibbed a little when I said my birthday meal was at City Social. That was the weekend before to celebrate with friends before jetting off to Rome. Now on my birthday, I wanted to make the day special and we ventured to Aroma, a Michelin star restaurant overlooking the Colosseum. Instead…

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Dar Filettaro Paintings

Dar Filettaro, Rome

One of my favourite aspects of booking our trip to Rome was finding the best, most traditional places to eat. Luckily my sister has a few Roman friends and the first place we visited on our trip, was a recommended snack pre-dinner; Dar Filettaro (named Filetti di Baccali on the exterior). Dar Filettrao is conveniently…

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Memories from Rome

Rome was one of the best trips that I have ever been on; partly due to going off the beaten track and seeing a side that most don’t get to see. With my love for Instagram at an all time high, it made sense to share a snippet of what we got up to. 1….

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Strawberries, Elderflower,  Pistachio, Strawberry Juice & Topped with Honeycomb

City Social – A Birthday in the Clouds

If any of you know me, you know that I like to harp on about my birthday. It usually starts from May and the words ‘It’s nearly my birthday…’ tend to come out; much to the despair of others around me. When I then mention it’s in July and still months away people tend to…

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Just cooked
Baked Lamb Shanks
Harissa Mayonnaise
Mint Masala Curry Close
Halloumi, Chickpea, Tomato Salad
The Great British Butcher Feast

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