TED Restaurant or Rather “Think, Eat & Drink”…

Monkfish Cheeks with Red Lentil Daal

Now I’m not the best when it comes to environment issues, sustainability, worrying about the effects of the food industry or even buying ‘better’ ingredients. I love all kinds of food and as long as I’m exciting my palate with innovative flavours, I’m happy. TED restaurant popped up on my radar whilst I was looking… 

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Raw Beef Bibimbap

Lime Orange – A Hidden Lunchtime Treat

Victoria is an area that is easily accessible for both commuting in and out of London; a perfect location for working but for food, it’s another story. Either you end up eating from one of the London chains such as Pret a Manger, or you pay through the nose for a good sit-down meal. I… 

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Amuse Bouche

Hibiscus – A Two Star Michelin Experience

When I started Ramblings of a Food Addict, it was always my intention to enter the world of fine-dining. Although, the start of my food journey has taken a more casual route veering towards the more trendy, affordable eateries across London, this year my journey becomes even more exciting. You may have noticed that I’ve… 

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Valdeon Cheesecake with Pickled Beetroot, Almonds and Honey

NOPI – Vegetables at their Finest

Yotam Ottolenghi – whether you’re into London dining, love to cook, or even watched the chef grace your TV, his name is one that is familiar to most. Being a huge fan of mediterranean cuisine and also having my sister in town, it was no surprise that NOPI cropped up on our agenda with one of his… 

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Dark Chocolate Mousse with Apricot Brandy

Kouzu – More than just Sushi

What I love about living in London is the sheer number of restaurants that seem to open on a regular basis, but when a restaurant is exciting enough to warrant me returning, that’s impressive. In this instance I’m referring to the recently opened Kouzu; located in Belgravia, the restaurant is just a stone’s throw away… 

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