Blacklock – A Meat Lovers Dream…

'All In' Chops

Soho; a central hub for restaurants in London (that would be my definition anyway), is constantly changing with new eateries opening weekly. As a foodie, it’s almost impossible to keep up-to-date not only with new restaurants, but more importantly finding the time to visit them all. Opened by ex-chef Gordon Ker from Covent Garden’s Hawksmoor Seven… 

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Dark Chocolate Mousse with Apricot Brandy

Kouzu – More than just Sushi

What I love about living in London is the sheer number of restaurants that seem to open on a regular basis, but when a restaurant is exciting enough to warrant me returning, that’s impressive. In this instance I’m referring to the recently opened Kouzu; located in Belgravia, the restaurant is just a stone’s throw away… 

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Cannolo Alla Crema and Raspberry Sauce

Toto’s – An Intimate Fine-Dining Italian

Italian restaurants in London tend to be on different spectrums; either really affordable serving simple pasta or pizza dishes, or upmarket serving imported ingredients from Italy. Located in Knightsbridge, Toto’s is a restaurant that reopened last summer under new management, shaking up their food to a more refined menu. The restaurant is stunning to say… 

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Mexicen Lobster Roll

Smack Lobster – Watch this Space

If you’re a Londoner and are even vaguely interested in food, you’ll be aware of the new restaurants that pop-up incredibly quickly with many jumping on the next supposedly ‘biggest food trend’. With the latter part of 2014, it seemed that lobster rolls in particular seemed to be the new ‘thing’ with Lobster Kitchen, Bob’s Lobster and… 

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Salsiccia Con Fichi

Vapiano – Comfort Food for the Fast-Paced Londoner

I’ve heard many things about Vapiano with its self-service, smart card technology whilst also supposedly being a decent place to eat. With it’s casual dining experience, it offers the perfect experience for fuss-free, after work dining. The idea is simple, you receive a smart card as soon as you enter and any food or drink… 

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