City Social – A Birthday in the Clouds…

Strawberries, Elderflower,  Pistachio, Strawberry Juice & Topped with Honeycomb

If any of you know me, you know that I like to harp on about my birthday. It usually starts from May and the words ‘It’s nearly my birthday…’ tend to come out; much to the despair of others around me. When I then mention it’s in July and still months away people tend to… 

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Bob Bob Ricard Signature Chocolate Glory

An Instagram Frenzy at Bob Bob Ricard

I have always been a lover of social media and back in the days of MySpace, Bebo, Faceparty (we’re not even going to mention Habbo Hotel), the journey of social media has been a huge part of growing-up on the internet. Gone are the days where social media lingered only in your home but now it’s… 

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Pappardella with Rabbit Ragout

Love is in the Air at Terra Madre Cafe, Dublin

Italian seems to be the cuisine of choice when I’m in Dublin, I don’t blame the Irish, more so my sister who seems to find the most exquisite restaurants. On my last visit, our restaurant of choice was Taste of Emilia, which unfortunately is now closed as the owner has moved back to Italy. Although hearing… 

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Oysters with Lemon

Octopussy’s Seafood Tapas, Howth (Dublin)

I’m lucky enough to have family and friends scattered around the UK & Ireland. In this case, it was another visit to my beloved younger sister all the way in Dublin. Although realistically it’s quite a simple journey, it does involve various amounts of transport; train, flight and even a bus journey before I’m outside… 

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Yellowtail Sashimi

ROKA – Sushi Fit for a Queen

Being a lover of fish, simple flavours as well as easy to share food, Japanese cuisine ticks all my eating preferences which is why it’s still one of my most favourite cuisines. However, sushi in particular tends to not to be as popular with others with the idea of raw fish, smaller portions or even sometimes… 

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