Chico Bandito – Mexican on a Budget…

Cajun BBQ Chicken Close

Chico Bandito is a restaurant we accidentally found hidden away amongst the back streets of Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch. Seeing the lunch menu at £5 for a burrito we huddled in and decided to have a hearty lunch. The interior of the restaurant reflects the bright, fun exterior, with Mexican hats hanging upside down… 

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Potato Chat & Chickpeas

Gymkhana – An Evening of Indian Delight

For Valentine’s Day, myself and the OH wanted to go somewhere a little more special than our usual, casual restaurants and Gymkhana was at the top of the list. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, Valentine’s Day was fully booked so we decided to have a belated Valentine’s Day instead. As soon as we entered the restaurant and… 

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Caramel Ribs

Pitt Cue Co – Believe the Hype

Pitt Cue Co is a restaurant with a huge online following. There’s just one major hiccup; a small, tightly packed dining area which can only seat around 25 people. If you’re not early, then you will be waiting outside for most of the evening. It’s no wonder that a restaurant with a vast following and… 

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Cha Cha Chicken Close

Banhmi11 – A Disappointing, Watery Lunch

I’ve passed Banhmi11 a few times on my lunch break, and I knew once I was bored with my regular trips around Shoreditch, that I’d soon be visiting. Located extremely close to Old Street tube station, it’s no wonder that come lunch-time, there’s a queue. A clearly displayed blackboard with the different varieties of lunch… 

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Texan BBQ Zilla Stac

Tinseltown – A Cheaper Alternative to TGI Friday’s

Although the Clerkenwell/Farringdon area has plenty of renowned restaurants, when you’re hung over, there’s nothing better than good ol’ greasy, American food. We found ourselves on the doorstep of Tinseltown and just couldn’t help ourselves. The interior was decorated with bright green booths and looked like a tacky, run-down bowling alley that had been converted… 

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