Kazan – A Turkish Delight…

Mini Mixed Mezze Platter

Victoria seems to be a never-ending construction site and since I work in the area, it’s easy to become lost within the lunchtime chains. Troubled by my lack of desire to find something worthwhile, I dragged along a few colleagues to a Turkish Restaurant situated in the Victoria/Pimlico area called Kazan. Any restaurant that serves… 

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Potato Pancake, Leeks and Duck Egg Overhead

Brunch at Grain Store

Granary Square, just north of King’s Cross, is an impressive, up-and-coming area of London where restaurants such as Caravan, Dishoom and Grain Store now situate. Brain child of chef Bruno Loubet and Zetter Group’s Michael Benyan and Mark Sainsbury, the idea of creating a restaurant where vegetables take the front seat even if served alongside meat or… 

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Lamb Chops

Tayyabs – Homecooked Punjabi Cuisine

Being half Indian and brought up close to both Bradford and Manchester, I was lucky to have so many wonderful curry houses available. Moving to London was a little disappointing as time and time again, I was left unsatisfied with the food served at Indian restaurants. Tayyabs is a Pakistani restaurant that doesn’t need an… 

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Beer Battered Plaice and Chips

Bonnie Gull – Seafood in the City

Exmouth Market has a treasure trove of restaurants amongst it’s incredibly short street and all I’m hoping on visiting not too far in the distant future. Bonnie Gull was the first restaurant that stood out with its calm, yet simple decor, serving seafood. I love seafood but find that many people tend not to be… 

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Butternut Squash Casserole with Salad

Butternut Squash Casserole Recipe Featured on Wayfair.co.uk

I’m happy to announce that my Autumn Butternut Squash and Sweet Potato Casserole has been featured on Wayfair.co.uk. I had a great time trying to create an Autumn recipe, especially as Butternut Squash is not an ingredient I tend to use. However, most of the other ingredients I used were store cupboard ingredients, making it… 

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