Scoop Birthday Gelato

Since I was working on my birthday and the sun was shining I was treated to a birthday gelato (Italian ice cream) with my colleagues at Scoop, Covent Garden.

Scoop Exterior

Too many to pick!

Too many to pick!

Since Scoop is an Italian ice-cream parlour one of the most frustrating parts is not only trying to choose which delicious ice cream to pick, but working out what flavours the ice creams are as the names are written in Italian. I really wish that they’d have the English names in brackets just to make the process slightly easier.

Blueberry & Mixed Berry Gelato

Blueberry & Mixed Berry Gelato/Sorbet

Again because of the frustration with labelling, I’m not sure if I actually managed to get ice cream or sorbet. From the website it seems as though I picked two sorbet flavours – mixed berries and blueberry. The blueberry had a strong tangy flavour which matched perfectly with the sweetness from the mixed berries. A good choice for a hot summers day in central London!

If you’re on a budget however, you might want to think twice as the prices lean on the more expensive side.¬†Nevertheless I’ve been to Scoop a few times and the gelato doesn’t disappoint, the Biscotti and Caramel together is a worthwhile pick!

- Scoop, Covent Garden

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