Amalfi – Average Food with Great Service

After a few cocktails in Soho for a friend’s birthday, we knew it’d be difficult to find a restaurant that would satisfy everyone’s craving. Italian seemed like the most likely option.

Walking down Old Compton Street, we stumbled upon Amalfi.

Amalfi Interior

Decorated with a cosy, homely Italian-feel, Amalfi was just what we all needed; comfort food.



Antipasto Close

Men definitely have more of an appetite, as soon as we saw the shared platter of antipasto, we ordered two. The antipasto consisted of a selection of Italian meats such as salami Napoli and Parma ham, fresh mozzarella and chopped tomato, bruschetta pomodoro consisting of tomato, garlic, olive oil served with grilled focaccia and grilled vegetables. We also received black olive tapenade.

As a whole, the starter was a let-down. The flavours, surprisingly, were off-balance whilst the vegetables didn’t taste fresh.

Beef Puccia

Beef Puccia

Beef Puccia Close

No surprise, the OH ordered an Italian burger of Beef puccia.

It was probably the worst burger I’d tried in a while, the beef was overcooked and comprised of a patty that was too thin to hold any flavour and the puccia bread made the dish too dry. For an Italian dish, the beef had a similar taste and texture to a shami kebab found usually in Indian cuisine.

Strozzapreti Luganega

Strozzapreti Luganega (pancetta and spinach)

Strozzapreti Luganega Close

I opted for the more traditional route; strozzapreti luganega (spinach and pancetta) pasta.

The pasta was by far the best course of the evening. Silky, creamy with plenty of pancetta and spinach and a decent amount of parmesan and black pepper, I couldn’t have asked for anything more comforting.

Chocolate Fondente

Chocolate Fondente

For dessert, the OH ordered a chocolate fondant which was a little more dense than I like, but satisfactory nonetheless.

Cherry & Ricotta Cheesecake

Cherry & Ricotta Cheesecake

The cherry and ricotta cheesecake was a mistake. The dish wasn’t creamy enough and had slightly burnt, crispy edges. The biscuit base was also too thin and overall the cheesecake had a lack of flavour.

Amalfi was not the best Italian that I’ve visited, however I had could not write this review without mentioning the service making our evening for the birthday boy, an eventful and enjoyable one. It’s not the easiest of jobs dealing with a rowdy, slightly drunk, bunch, however, the constant banter from the waiters as well as offering complimentary Limoncello at the end of dinner, ensured we all had a great experience.

It’s a shame the food wasn’t up to scratch as we all had a great evening but unfortunately, there are plenty of better Italian restaurants found in London.

Amalfi, Soho

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