Bodean’s – A BBQ Smokehouse in London

Bodean’s is a restaurant for all lovers of meat, as that is all you’ll find on the menu – bar a few side dishes.

The successful London chain has been around for a while with restaurants in Clapham, Tower Hill, Fulham, Balham and Soho. We decided to venture to the more central location of Soho.

Bodean's InteriorThe interior is exactly how you imagine a typical American restaurant, with plenty of dark wood panelling and many booths for privacy. There are also various flat screen TV scattered around the restaurant for all the sports enthusiasts.

Bodean's Menu Ribs, chicken and pulled pork explains the menu perfectly.

Bodean's Nachos Supreme

Bodean’s Nachos Supreme

For starters, we decided to order one of the few vegetarian dishes, Bodean’s Nachos supreme which arrived in a huge dipped plate with plenty of nachos for two. Since both myself and my friend were famished, we managed to easily polish off the dish.

My only complaint was that there wasn’t enough gooey cheese.

BBQ Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork

BBQ Burnt Ends and Pulled Pork

I was recommended the BBQ burnt ends by a colleague and decided to opt for the burnt ends alongside pulled pork. When the dish arrived, we were surprised to find a mountain of meat on both our plates.

The burnt ends were deliciously smoky, rich, tender and altogether juicy enough that the meat melted in my mouth. The pulled pork however, was drier than anticipated and not as moist as I would have liked.

Bodean’s is a casual environment that’s great for those who want a lively, sporty atmosphere with food that would satisfy any meat lover. I for one wasn’t blow away, but it’s not unlike many restaurants in London and I can only imagine once the World Cup starts, it’ll be difficult to find a seat.

Bodean’s, Soho

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