Byron – A Decent Burger Joint

I’m not a stranger to Byron, I’ve been a few times with work colleagues and felt it was about time I reviewed the popular burger chain.

Byron Old Brompton Road

Byron – Old Brompton Road

I’ve visiting several Byron Burgers before but none as pleasant as Old Brompton Road (South Kensington), which was much more relaxed in comparison to the Covent Garden restaurant which is nearly always full.

Bryon Menu

Byron Menu

After previously being bored with the menu options, I was pleasantly surprised and noticed they had a new burger on their menu – ‘Chilli’. I’m a huge fan of spicy food, in general, and the idea of chipotle mayonnaise smothered over a beef burger sounded divine.

Byron Chilli Burger served with skin-on chips

Byron Chilli Burger served with skin-on chips

Inside the 'Chilli' Burger

Inside the ‘Chilli’ Burger

Cooked  Perfectly - Medium

Cooked Perfectly – Medium

I was disappointed to find that there wasn’t enough chipotle mayonnaise in my burger. Instead of spreading a nice even coating to fulfil my spicy taste buds it seemed to have been ‘lumped’ in the middle of the bun. After trying to evenly spread it myself, I tasted the mayonnaise on its own and it left me a little frustrated; as lovely as it was, it was not spicy. It did have green chilli’s below the burger but they were almost tasteless. I asked the other half what he thought as he’s not an avid spice eater (like myself) and he confirmed that the burger wasn’t spicy at all. After being left disappointed I decided to improvise and used the hot sauce served on the table to mix with the chipotle mayonnaise and I’m glad I did. I made my very own spicy but creamy burger sauce and I finished the burger in 2 seconds (almost).

The side dishes served at Byron are always pleasant and as much as I enjoy the (popular) onion rings, the skin-on chips are my favourite; perfectly seasoned, crispy on the outside whilst still being soft and fluffy on the inside. My personal recommendation to accompany the chips, is mixing hot sauce with ketchup, especially if you enjoy spicy food.

One of the downsides to Byron, is that the menu can become tiresome – yes I know you make great burgers but I want to try something new! I’m unfortunately not a creature of habit but if you are then Byron is a wonderful place to visit if you want a decent burger. I’ve never been left disappointed and the burgers are always cooked perfectly.

Byron Burger, London

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