Dirty Burger – The Burger Joint that Rivals Patty & Bun

Dirty Burger has been the next burger joint on my list ever since I visited Honest Burgers. Since the burger hype has recently died down, what better time to pop-in?

Dirty Burger Exterior

You’ll find Dirty Burger unlike any other typical restaurant; situated off a main road and in a tiny shack. Not to everyone’s taste but I really liked how simple and straight to the point the place is.

The inside is small and with a large table in the middle and a few high seating around the outside – which unfortunately weren’t very comfortable. If you arrive during peak times, you may find yourself eyeing up the main table to try and grab a seat but we gave up in the end.

The burger menu is simple, just like the restaurants appearance; one burger. However, I read that Dirty Burger were offering a special bacon burger which wasn’t on the menu and could be ordered upon request. Even so, vegetarians won’t be happy.

Smokin’ Bacon Burger

Smokin’ Bacon Burger

Smokin’ Bacon Burger Inside

Of course I ordered the special-off-the-menu-burger; the Smokin’ Bacon Burger. The burger arrived modestly wrapped in grease-proof paper, as many burgers now seem to in London. The melted cheese was stuck to the paper and I was greeted with crispy bacon shaped like a tongue.

The first bite was heavenly, the bacon was extremely crispy with a strong smokey taste and was coated in oozing cheese. The beef was seasoned well, cooked medium (rather than medium-rare) but the beef just melted in my mouth. The only downside of the burger was the size and was slightly smaller than burgers found at other burger joints in London. However, when a burger tastes this good, regardless of size, it’ll be gone before you know it.

Onion Fries

Onion Fries

The onion fries were unusual and contained red onion which added an extra sweetness however, they were far too oily.

Crinkle Cut Fries

Crinkle Cut Fries

The crinkle cut fries were an improvement on the onion fries but they lacked seasoning and weren’t the best I’ve had.

Dirty burger was a pleasant surprise and I’d even go as far as to say that it rivalled my favourite burger joint; Patty & Bun. The sides were disappointing, however if you want an impressive, melt-in-the-mouth, close-to-perfection burger I would recommend Dirty Burger any day. If you’re looking for an overall experience, the restaurant, sides and burgers then I’d stick to Patty & Bun.

Dirty Burger, Kentish Town

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