Dockmaster’s House – A Delicious Indian Feast

I was kindly invited to a foodie meet-up by Zomato, cooked and served by chef Navin Bhatia who specifically created a special tasting menu.

Dockmaster’s House is not a restaurant I’d heard many things about but after being brought-up with traditional, home-cooked Indian food, I was excited to experience Indian fine-dining.

Dockmaster's House Exterior

Situated between Westferry and West India Quay DLR stations, Dockmaster’s House has a stunning exterior.

Platter of Street Food

Lucknow Ki Chaat (Platter of Street Food)

Our first course was a platter of street food from Navin’s home town in India. My favourite from the three was the white, which had a beautiful light doughnut-like texture.

Spicy Prawn Balchao

Spicy Prawn Balchao in a Steamed Naan Bao

The chef took inspiration from the current burger explosion in London and created an Indian version, using a steamed bao usually found in Chinese cuisine. Mixed with spicy prawns, this little burger-inspired dish was delightful. The prawn was beautifully spiced and did indeed have a kick but matched with the softer light texture of the bun, worked wonders.

Coriander Crusted Sea Bass

Coriander Crusted Stone Bass, Dahi Bhaat Malabari coconut sauce.

The green chilli coated in breadcrumbs satisfied my spicy craving whilst the coconut sauce was light, smooth and went well with the sea bass which was crisp on the outside without being overcooked. The rice was another added texture which surprisingly had a little heat.

With all the taste combinations and textures, I was surprised at how wonderfully they complimented one other.

Raw Mango and Lime Ice

Raw Mango and Lime Ice

Next course was a palette cleanser of raw mango and lime ice. I was expecting an icy watered-down version but instead the dish had a sharp taste of lime with the sweetness of mango hitting immediately after. It was deliciously satisfying. My only complaint was the glass, I had difficulty reaching the bottom but that’s only because I wanted to finish every last drop.


Lamb Dum Purdah Biryani

After enjoying the little bites and tastes of India I’ve never tried before, the main course arrived and it did not disappoint. I’ve been brought up with my mum’s version of home-cooked biryani and I’ve watched her for years cook the dish but never was it served in puff pastry. I was informed that this is traditional in certain parts of India. In comparison to my mums, it was better (sorry mum!). The pastry intensified the spices in the dish and the lamb was still moist.

High compliments to the chef!

Masala Lamb Rump

Masala Lamb Rump, Wild Mushroom Salan and Nehari Sauce

The biryani was served alongside a lamb rump masala which was delicious. The sauce was rich, smooth and the lamb melted in my mouth and alongside the biryani, it was heaven. I could not have asked for a better main course.

Saffron Pistachio Kulfi Falooda

Saffron Pistachio Kulfi Falooda

I’ve never been a fan of Indian desserts. I knew I probably wouldn’t like the dish as I’ve had falooda and kulfi on countless occasions. Nevertheless I tried the dish and found that it was too sweet for me and is similar in taste to sweetened condensed milk. I did seem to be in the minority however, and everyone else seemed to enjoy the dish.

Dockmaster’s House blew me away. I’ve never been to an Indian fine-dining restaurant, nor have I ever seen Indian food so beautifully presented but the best part of the evening? It reminded me of home. Although I was invited to try a special tasting menu for the event, from what I’ve seen and tasted I can only assume the rest of the menu will be just as delicious as chef Navin not only sticks to his passion, but also the food he grew up loving.

Dockmaster’s House, Canary Wharf

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