Electricity Showrooms – Sliders Galore

Lunchtime dining can be tricky especially if you want decent food, on a budget with somewhere that offers a comfortable environment to spend away from the misery of your desk.

Feeling like we needed to venture a little further than usual, we wandered around Hoxton and came across Electricity Showrooms which intrigued us with their extensive slider menu.

Electricity Showrooms Interior

I loved the interior of Electricity Showrooms with their casual laid back vibe and red, decorative ceilings but was however, quieter than I would have expected at lunch.

Electricity Showrooms Menu

Attracted by the sliders, we decided to try one of each with a few side dishes alongside.

Sliders and Chilli Cheese Dog

Chilli Cheese Dog (left), DR Pepper Brisket (right), Angus Cheeseburger & Kimchi(behind)


BBQ Aubergine & Pistachio Slaw (left), Mushroom, Spinach & Stilton Melt (right), Blackened Catfish (behind)


Chicken Chorizo & Brie (left), Pulled Pork with Pickled Slaw (right), Jerk Chicken (behind)

Chicken, Chorizo & Brie with Walnut Arugla Pesto Slider

Chicken, Chorizo & Brie with Walnut Arugla Pesto Slider

There were three of us but instead of picking three of each slider as a normal party would, we decided to split each slider into three.

My favourite of the bunch were actually the two vegetarian sliders; BBQ aubergine with pistachio slaw and mushroom and spinach & Stilton melt. The rest of the sliders were not as impressive. The main problem was that the majority of the sliders had overpowering flavours such as mustard where the pulled pork couldn’t be tasted. Two of the sliders had also been confused, DR Pepper brisket which should have been served with grain mustard remoulade, was instead served with BBQ sauce which had been switched with the pulled pork. The buns served were also dry and unappetizing.

For a slider, balance is everything and unfortunately, there was a lack of thought, making the whole experience disappointing.

Cauliflower Fritters

Cauliflower Fritters

The cauliflower fritters were interesting, but not in a positive way. The batter was golden and crispy however on the first bite you were introduced to a cold, wet cheese sauce next to a barely cooked cauliflower.

Honey and Thyme Sweet Potato Wedges

Honey & Thyme Sweet Potato Wedges

The honey and thyme sweet potato wedges, were the next side we ordered and these were far better than the fritters, however, they were huge and unfortunately meant we only managed to have a few of each.

As a concept, the menu at Electricity Showrooms seemed intriguing especially for the price, although there were far too many mistakes for me to be returning anytime soon. If the chef doesn’t know which slider is supposed to have which accompaniment, then I doubt much thought and effort has gone into creating and executing the menu and that was clearly reflected on the food served.

Electricity Showrooms, Hoxton

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