Field’s Bar & Kitchen – Salty, Overpriced Food

Field’s Bar & Kitchen is a new restaurant situated in Holborn and a recent reflection of Benugo’s success – Benugo is a new sandwich chain recently to have popped up all over London and now seems to have delved into restaurant food.

Field's Bar & Kitchen Exterior

Perfectly located and part of Lincoln Inn Field’s, Field’s Bar & Kitchen is an ideal place for those wanting to get away from the office on a cold winter’s day, serving both restaurant food and quick-lunch options such as sandwiches and hot beverages.

Field's Bar & Kitchen Menu

At first glance of the menu, I was astonished at the price point. For a casual restaurant, the atmosphere and prices didn’t match. For a main course and sides you’re looking to pay around £15 per person which is higher than many places in Holborn.

Sea Bass Fillet Courgettes Al Forno

Sea Bass Fillet Courgettes Al Forno

Nevertheless, I opted for the sea bass fillet which came with a side of courgettes. The dish was disappointing from the first glance with an empty looking plate that was being charged at £12.50.

I had high hopes for the taste of the fish since the cost was so high but was left with a salty fish. On closer inspection there were huge chunks of sea salt scattered over the fish. I’m not a chef but even I know that food should be seasoned before cooking, not after. That wasn’t the only problem. Capers and olives were added on top of the sea bass bringing even more saltiness. The only flavour saviour were the courgettes but even these were wet and tasteless. As side dishes we chose fries and grilled vegetables. The grilled vegetables were again wet and tasteless however the fries were surprisingly good but that may have been because everything else was horrendous.

On the plus side, most of my colleagues opted for pizza which had a much better serving size and generally had no complaints.

I haven’t left a restaurant feeling so horrified in a long time. I really can’t see how a restaurant can have such poorly cooked food and charge so much. With food, cooking standard, portion sizes and prices so terrible, Field’s Bar & Kitchen won’t be around for long and I personally think that’s a good thing.

 – Field’s Bar & Kitchen, Holborn

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