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Since hearing that chef proprietor of Bone Daddies,  Ross Shonhan, was opening up a new Japanese izakaya-style restaurant in Covent Garden, I knew I had to be there in a heartbeat.

Although I haven’t yet managed to try the ever so famous Bone Daddies, Flesh & Buns is conveniently placed in Covent Garden, just around the corner from where I work.

Flesh & Buns Exterior

Maybe it’s just me, but I walked past the entrance twice before noticing where the restaurant was. With the entrance door plastered with the restaurant name, it probably was just me…

After walking down a flight of stairs, the interior was decorated in a casual manner with rounded booths around the outside and a long table in the middle. As I was dining with a friend we were seated on the middle table.

Lychee & Pomegranate Martini

Lychee & Pomegranate Martini

Since we were dining at izakaya-style restaurant I ordered a lychee and pomegranate martini cocktail. The drink was strong with sweet and sour notes.

Softshell Crab

Softshell Crab served with jalapeno mayo

My friend opted for the softshell crab which was crunchy but didn’t overpower the sweet delicate flavour of the crab. The jalapeno mayo, was smooth and spicy and enhanced the flavour.

Tuna Tataki

Tuna Tataki served with grapefruit, chilli and coriander

I on the other hand, was drawn to tuna tataki on the menu which was served with grapefruit, chilli and a few strands of coriander. The grapefruit gave the tuna a fruity, fresh taste whilst the tiny bits of chilli gave it a subtle hint of heat. This dish was not only beautiful in its presentation but also it’s taste; simple flavours that just melt in your mouth.



Crispy Duck Leg

Crispy Duck Leg (flesh)

For the ‘flesh’ I chose the duck leg. The duck was a personal recommendation from our server, which was what swung it for me.

Duck is meat that is hard to get right, overcook it and it’s ruined leaving a dry, unappetizing mess. However, the duck was still moist and not at all dry and had plenty of flavour from the crispy exterior.

Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak (more flesh)

We also ordered more ‘flesh’ and my friend opted for the flat-iron steak. The beef was perfectly cooked, moist, pink, tender and just so juicy. Forget the buns I could just eat the beef by itself!

Between the two ‘flesh’ dishes we chose, the steak was by far the favourite.

Flesh and Buns

Flesh and Buns

The great concept of eating ‘flesh and buns’ is that there is no right or wrong way to eat  your food bringing the enjoyment back into dining.


S’more served with marshmallows, chocolate, matcha, biscuits

After enjoying all our dishes, we couldn’t say no to dessert. I chose s’mores from the menu and this was one spectacular dessert. The whole idea of the dessert being over the top yet so playful was just astounding. Let’s just say that Flesh & Buns knows how to make their diners feel good about their food. The only problem with the dessert is that there isn’t enough of it. Two marshmallow sticks with chocolate and matcha biscuits for £8 is very steep even if it is a show-stopper.

Although I enjoyed my dining experience at Flesh & Buns and would gladly return there are a few things that bug me. Firstly, the seating. As much as I love being close to people, the table was a little claustrophobic and when all your dishes arrive, there isn’t much space to move nevermind to eat. To avoid this, dine with a few friends and request a booth. Secondly, the price. If you’re not careful the price of drinks and all the little dishes soon add up and you may be faced with a £100 bill for two. I’m not one to shy away and I’ll gladly pay more for food, however if you arrive on an empty stomach you may be left feeling a bit peckish.

Flesh & Buns is a wonderful, quirky, individual restaurant that is unique in everything it delivers just be warned that your evening will most likely, not be cheap. However the pros far out way the cons and not only does the food taste good, but the presentation, creativity and play-fulness are all part of the Flesh & Buns experience.

Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden

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