Grab Thai Street Kitchen – The Best Lunchtime Treat

I’m fortunate enough to work in an area surrounded by decent lunchtime eateries. Grab Thai Street Kitchen is no exception and I’ve visited several times as I can’t get enough.

Grab Thai Street Kitchen Interior

The interior is very ‘Shoreditch’ with bulbs hanging by a bright blue and red cable wires from the ceiling, yet still has a homely, comforting atmosphere.

Grab Thai Street Kitchen Menu

The menu is pretty extensive ranging from noodles, curry, salads to stir fry as well as side options such as meat skewers, prawn crackers and other various snacks.

Mu Pink and Chicken Satay Skewers

I was intrigued and wanted to try the mu ping and chicken satay skewers. Mu ping is grilled pork with a traditional Thai marinade which has a subtle sweet, yet salty flavour. The pork was succulent and moist and had been slow cooked leaving the meat tender and easy to tear.

The chicken satay was in a league of its own, with a nutty marinade coating the juicy chicken. There was also a separate peanut dip served alongside, which was the best I’ve ever tasted; creamy yet delicately nutty. So enjoyable, you want to drink it.

Beef Massaman Curry

Beef Massaman Curry

The first time I ever visited Grab Thai Street Kitchen, I tried the beef massaman curry. After tasting the dish, I was hooked.

The curry includes different garnishes and vegetables including potatoes, carrots and peanuts. The beef had been slow cooked leaving the texture succulent and the meat moist. The best aspect however, was the massaman sauce, which tied the curry together; creamy, yet with spicy, salty notes typically found in Thai cuisine.

Pad Kaprow Chicken

Pad Kaprow Chicken

On my second visit, I opted for one of the stir fries instead; pad kaprow chicken. Being a stir fry, the dish was drier than the curry but didn’t lose any flavour or impact the taste of the chicken. The juices from the stir fry seeped into the rice below, leaving the entire dish creamy, sweet and of course, flavourful.

If you’re in the area, I urge you to try the food at Grab Thai Street Kitchen but come early as 1.30pm onwards, you’re bound to find that the popular dishes have all sold out since all food is cooked fresh daily. Considering Grab Thai Street Kitchen is only a casual eaterie, the food is one of the best Thai food I’ve tried in London so far. I guarantee you won’t be left disappointed and you’ll be wondering why you ever paid so much for Thai food anywhere else in the city.

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