Hawksmoor – The Best Steak I’ve Ever Had

Hawksmoor is one of those restaurants you never hear or read bad things about, with high remarks from many bloggers and diners all over London it’s no wonder it’s always been at the top of my list.

I finally managed to drag the OH on a cold winters day down to Hawksmoor in Seven Dials to see what all the fuss is about.

Hawskmoor Interior

The interior of the restaurant is oozing with British decadence and decorated with leather seating and wooden panels. Not particularly my style, but fits perfectly for the atmosphere and cuisine of Hawksmoor.

Unfortunately for us, we were sat right underneath the specials board and in a dim-lit corner but that’s the way food blogging goes!

Hawksmoor SpecialsThe specials board is one that has a variety of different cuts of beef which are larger portions for more than one to share, with the Chateaubriand (fillet) being the most expensive. Instead we opted for the next best on the menu; Porterhouse which is a t-bone steak with more fillet than a normal t-bone.

Porterhouse Steak

Porterhouse Steak

Porterhouse Steak Close

Porterhouse Steak - Medium Rare

Porterhouse Steak – Medium Rare

The steak was cooked perfectly; medium rare and was still tender and moist whilst still having a chargrilled skin. It was by far the best steak I’ve ever eaten.With each bite, the steak melted in my mouth and although we ordered 750g for two, myself and the OH diminished the steak and could definitely have eaten more.

For the sauce we decided to try two; bone marrow gravy and béarnaise sauce (not pictured). The bone marrow was silky and rich however the star of the show was the béarnaise which was deliciously smooth and creamy. Not to sound like I’m repeating myself but – the best béarnaise I’ve ever tasted.

To go alongside our meat feast, we ordered two different versions of fried potato; the triple cooked chips and beef dripping fries. Both were cooked well, but they didn’t stand out as much as the steak.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding

After myself and the OH carnivorously made our way through the steak, we decided to order dessert and he ordered his favourite; sticky toffee pudding.

Sweet, sticky sauce matched with a soft, light pudding with cool, creamy ice cream on top. Need I say more?

Crunchie Cheesecake

Crunchie Cheesecake

I’ve been dreaming of this cheesecake since I left Hawksmoor. The cheesecake was different to any other cheesecake in that it looked as though it had been rolled. I loved the presentation and it made the dish look so inviting. The soft cheese centre had plenty of sweet crunchy bits on the inside aswell as the outside and tasted similar to cinder toffee and was served with a ring of toffee and chocolate sauce. Not to sound repetitive (again) but – the best cheesecake I’ve ever tasted.

What Hawksmoor does, and unfortunately a lot of restaurants don’t, is serve a menu that is outstanding course after course. I knew the steak was going to be of a high standard but yet I didn’t expect anything else on the menu to be just as divine. Hawksmoor is expensive but now that I’ve had a taster of the menu I’ll be back time and time again and regardless of the cost – it’s worth it.

Hawksmoor (Seven Dials), Covent Garden

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