Honest Burgers – Simple, Honest Burgers.

After having two not-so-great burgers recently (Shake Shack and Five Guys), I needed a burger pick-me-up. Honest Burgers was next on my wish list and after hearing only positives things I had to try the burgers myself.

Honest Burgers Exterior

Located in Soho, Honest Burgers is fast becoming one of London’s favourite burger joints with two others located in Camden and Brixton.

Beware that Honest Burgers will almost always be busy and just like Patty & Bun you’ll be left waiting in anticipation to be seated. However, Honest Burgers does what no other place (at least that I’ve been to) does, give your name, phone number to the host/ess and he/she puts it into a snazzy tablet and waves you off until you get a text message telling you that your table is ready. For all smart phone users, you also get a message with a link showing where you are in the queue. Such a smart, smooth process deserves a mention don’t ya think?

Honest Burgers Menu

Honest Burgers Menu

The menu is simple, offering chicken, beef or vegetable fritter and frequently changes their special. I, of course, had to pick the most expensive burger on the menu.

Whilst ordering , I attempted to also add chips to my meal only to be told ‘the chips come with the burger’ – my jaw dropped. That’s cheaper than most burger places including chains such as Byron and GBK.

Iced Tea

Iced Tea

I ordered an ice tea whilst waiting for the burgers to arrive and was pleasantly surprised at not only how generous in size the iced tea was served in, but also the quirky beer glass/jam jar. It’s the little things…

Special Burger and Chips

Special Burger and Chips

The fries were more-ish, each one seasoned well with a crisp outer and soft fluffy centre. Added bonus points for skin-on chips, which are my personal favourite.

Beef, pancetta

Beef, pancetta, smoked mozzarella, salsa verde & chargrilled red pepper

I ordered the special burger which consisted of beef, pancetta, mozzarella, red pepper and salsa verde. The burger arrived in a brioche bun and looked mouth-wateringly, delicious.

Honest Burger Special Inside

Cooked to perfection; medium-rare

The burgers at Honest Burgers are usually cooked ‘medium’ and I asked for mine to be cooked medium-rare. The beef was juicy, moist, tender and cooked to perfection. The salsa had an acidity that complimented the beef and the smoked mozzarella and pancetta gave it a smoky edge. The let down was the chargrilled red pepper and although brought a slight sweetness to the burger, gave it a little too much of a wet texture. However, the bun held its shape and was buttery and soft whilst firm on the outside and additionally mopped up any juice from the peppers. Now that is what I call a good bun.

Honest Burgers delivers exactly what it promises; Honest Burgers and I can’t say a bad word against the place. Even more surprising is the price point, whilst most burger places offer burgers around the £8 mark, usually you pay an additional £3 for fries/chips. Not here, with every burger comes fries and, honestly (see what I did there?) every burger place should. Not only does Honest Burgers serve quality ingredients it embodies so much more; good, simple, honest food.

Honest Burgers, Soho

nb as far as my favourite burger place in London goes Patty & Bun is still in the lead… but only slightly. 

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  1. says

    Ah you didn’t try the house burger! That is the real deal! (Gosh I am hungry already just to think about it:p)
    PS do u use dslr camera for yours snaps, looks too good for a phone camera?!

    • Tahira says

      There’s a house burger? Where was that?!!

      I use my iPhone 4S to take pictures. Thanks for the compliment though! I wish I did own a DSLR…


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