Hummus Bros – Bringing Excitement Back into Lunch

Sometimes I hate lunchtime. It’s not that I’m out of options at lunchtime, (quite the opposite in fact) but there’s a lack of variety in central London. You can walk along Kingsway (Holborn), and find several ‘Pret a Manger’, ‘Eat’, ‘Wasabi’, ‘Subway’ and although this is great at first, it becomes tiresome and being the foodie that I am I’m always wanting to try something new and exciting. Hummus Bros is at present, my favourite place to go when I want something just that.

Hummus Bros Exterior

Hummus with Chicken served with a warm flat bread and chilli

Hummus with Chicken served with a warm pitta bread and green chilli

Hummus with Chicken Close

Supposedly a ‘healthy’ option (I’m not convinced, it tastes too good) the dish is served with hummus on the outside of the dish with the choice of filling in the middle I opted for chicken but they also do beef, mushroom, chickpeas, guacamole and more! The above is the ‘small’, which isn’t small in size,it just comes with one pitta instead of two.

The chicken was moist and came with a sweet tangy tomato sauce and with the addition of the green chilli gave it a mild kick, the sprinkled smoked paprika also adds smoky depth to the dish. I love the down-to-earth aspect of it and it’s definitely not a tidy dish so if you like to eat lunch at your desk or with others – be warned! Not one to eat if you’re self-conscious that’s for sure!

Hummus Bros brings excitement back into lunch and if you’re sick of salads, sandwiches and even sushi then I would highly recommend you find your nearest Hummus Bros and make the worthwhile trek.

Hummus Bros, Holborn

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