McQueen – Skip the Lunch Menu

McQueen is a restaurant named after the infamous Steve McQueen and has fascinated me ever since I walked past the restaurant/bar many weeks ago. I recently noticed that they served an express lunch menu and decided to treat a colleague to a sit-down meal.

McQueen Interior

The interior of the restaurant is decorated with a modern, masculine vibe and has TVs scattered around the restaurant playing old Steve McQueen films. If I’m honest, I hate it when restaurants have TVs, there’s really no need to take attention away from the food.

Express Lunch Menu

Express Lunch Menu

The express lunch menu is £10 and you can choose one dish and a drink of your choice; alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Salmon Risotto

Salmon Risotto

I chose the salmon risotto and instantly regretted my decision as both my colleagues opted for the steak sandwich (not pictured) which not only looked delicious but also had a considerably larger portion size.

The risotto tasted decent enough; creamy and had the right amount of parmesan and the salmon was cooked well. However, it was exceptionally difficult not to rush my dish which could have been eaten in 4 (big) bites.

McQueen seems to be a decent joint but I can only rate my lunch time experience. The lunch time express menu is overpriced compared to other restaurants I’ve been to for lunch. That being said, the food wasn’t bad so my advice would be to skip the lunch option and come for dinner instead (or for a Friday tipple).

- McQueen, Shoreditch

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