MEATmarket – Home to Greasy Burgers

I’ve been meaning to try MEATliqour for a while which is currently a restaurant that is a huge rival to my current favourite burger joint, Patty & Bun. Although MEATliquor has positive reviews I’ve seen mixed reviews from MEATmarket with many saying the burgers were disappointing in comparison.

With MEATmarket just around the corner from work, I had to pop down one lunchtime to flavour what the MEAT london chain had to offer.

MEATmarket Interior

Although the MEAT chain started with MEATliquor which is a restaurant, MEATmarket is a typical American-style fast food experience with diner-type, quirky decor hidden at the top of Jubilee market in Covent Garden. To me it felt like a secret dining area, watching the passers-by shopping on a Friday afternoon.

Double Bubble Burger

Double Bubble Burger

Inside Double Bubble Burger


Cooked Medium-Well

I ordered the double bubble burger which consists of two beef patties, cheese, pickles, minced white onions coated in ketchup and mustard. I much prefer my burgers to be medium-rare or even medium however the burger was cooked medium-well which meant that the meat was on the drier side and not as tender. However the burger was very more-ish. I’m a huge fan of pickles and the acidity and salty-ness from the pickles merged well with the sweet ketchup and rich cheese. The bun was nothing special and certainly felt like a ‘warburton’s’ bap but nevertheless wasn’t the worst I’d had.

Towards the end of my burger I noticed how salty the bun had become, I’m guessing this was from the amount of pickle that was used.

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings served with Blue Cheese Dip

Chicken Wings served with Blue Cheese Dip

The chicken wings didn’t fare so well. I stupidly figured I didn’t need to order fries as my experience at Patty &  Bun changed my entire view on chicken wings so much so that my reasoning was ‘ah I’ll be able to compare these to Patty & Bun’. I instantly regretted my decision. The chicken was dry and then coated in a thick spicy sticky sauce that was a little sickly.

Lovers of greasy, American-style, fast food will love MEATmarket place with its quirky down-to-earth interior but if not then steer clear as this is not the place for diners that prefer their burgers presented beautifully.

MEATmarket, Covent Garden

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