Nincomsoup – Hit & Miss Soup

I frequently walk past Nincomsoup on my way to work. The array of soups, matched with an ever-changing soup menu, intrigued me enough to visit one lunchtime.

Nincomsoup Exterior

If you’re a regular at Old Street tube station, the eaterie is located a few seconds from the ticketing office.

Nincomsoup Weekly Menu

The week I chose to visit, had plenty of interesting soup flavours. I, of course opted for the meat option; Cincinnati Chilli.

Nincomsoup Interior

I was surprised to find how large the interior was. From the outside, I didn’t expect much and was pleasantly surprised.

Nincomsoup Juices

Nincomsoup doesn’t just pride itself on its soup, there’s also an extensive drink selection available, ranging from hot and cold drinks to fresh juices.

Nincomsoup Soups

Pancetta & Chickpea Soup

Pancetta & Chickpea Soup

Once I was ready to order, I was disappointed to find that the meat option was instead pancetta and chickpea soup. There was no indication of the soup running out and instead I was left wondering why the board differentiated from the soup selection available.

I went ahead and stuck to the meat option. The soup on a whole had too many chickpeas and not enough smoky flavouring from the pancetta. It wasn’t necessarily a bad soup, there just wasn’t any depth.

Bombay Almond Chicken

Bombay Almond Chicken

A week later, I decided to take another trip down to Nincomsoup as I was keen to try the Bombay almond chicken. My initial impression from the soup description, was that I’d be receiving a nutty, thick, creamy soup with subtle spicing similar to an Indian korma. This wasn’t the case and instead, the almond flavouring had been lost. The soup was an improvement to the previous and did have more flavour but again, was missing depth.

Nincomsoup, I’ve found, can be hit & miss. To make a simple dish such as soup stand out, all the flavours such as, spices, vegetables and protein need to work together to enhance and create different flavour layers. Nincomsoup, doesn’t seem to have the capability of creating such a soup.

If you work near Old Street, I’d recommend walking the extra 10 minutes to Nusa Kitchen, where the extensive range of soups are flavoured beautifully.

Nincomsoup, Old Street

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    • Tahira says

      Nah you’re not! If you’re in the area though there’s a really nice soup place called Nusa, which is way better! Maybe around a 10 minute walk from Old Street :)

      Thanks for the comment btw!

      Tahira x

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