The Parcel Yard – Pub Grub that isn’t Up to Scratch

Kings Cross is one of the only London train stations that I tend to travel from when journeying back t’north every couple of months. I’ve never, however, managed to arrive early enough to visit the pub hidden towards the back of the station named ‘The Parcel Yard’.

Things changed when we arrived a  little too early and needed to pass the time. Where better than a pub situated in the station?


The interior was bigger than the outside suggested, with an array of many rooms and seating areas depending on how long you’re staying. The decor was not one to complain about with a casual yet rustic-homely, feel.

Roasted Pork Loin Sandwich

Roasted Pork Loin Sandwich

Roasted Pork Loin Sandwich Inside

I ordered the roasted pork loin sandwich which was served with apple sauce and crackling. The sandwich as a whole was terribly dry with far too much bread to be able to taste any of the pork which wasn’t any better; overcooked, dry and bland. Whoever thought to serve apple sauce as a dip, must have never tasted the sandwich. In order to stop myself dying from dehydration, I needed to pour the apple sauce all over the sandwich, but I was then left with a sickly, sweet apple sauce sandwich.

For an £8 sandwich, this is the worst I’ve had; unimaginative with ingredients haphazardly slapped together.

Triple Cooked Chips

Triple Cooked Chips

The triple cooked chips were the saviour of the meal in comparison, but to be honest, they still weren’t the best. Dry in parts and definitely not triple cooked, unless they misinterpreted the definition of ‘triple cooked’.

The Parcel Yard, was a complete rip-off not only in monetary terms, but also with the terrible quality food served at a prime, central location. From now on, whenever I’m travelling back up north from Kings Cross, I’ll pretend that my experience at The Parcel Yard, never happened.

– The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross

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