Patty & Bun – The Best Burger Joint in London?

London seems to be a hub for new Burger joints. Opening up in September last year, Patty & Bun has become a very hyped up restaurant and with MEATliquor and Tommi’s Burger Joint just around the corner it seems to have been able to fight the big boys.

A word of warning, because of its glowing reviews you will most likely see Patty & Bun, not from its wonderful exterior, but from the queue that has formed outside. They do offer a take-away service, but we decided against it. We queued in the rain on a Saturday at around 3.30pm, optimistically thinking ‘people won’t be eating now will they?’ Well, when it comes to Patty & Bun people don’t really seem to care when they eat. Speaks for itself really…

Patty & Bun Menu

The menu is condensed with only 3 beef, 1 chicken, 1 lamb and 1 vegetarian burger to choose from. The sides are also quite simple. We already knew what we wanted and it wasn’t long before I would be greeted to the ‘oh-so-famous’  Patty & Bun burger experience.

Smoked Confit Chicken Wings

Smoked Confit Chicken Wings with BBQ sauce sprinkled with spring onions

I ordered the wings after hearing how amazing they were. I wasn’t let down. Although the burger should be the star of a burger joint, I have never fallen so in love with its co-star; the confit chicken wings. I’m not a huge fan of chicken wings, the lack of meat frustrates me however these are another story.

These ‘ain’t no’ regular wings, because they’ve been slow cooked. As soon as you bite into the sticky, sweet, BBQ exterior the bone falls away like it never belonged and you’re left eating one after another wondering how and why regular chicken wings don’t taste the same. The most exciting thing for me when it comes to food, is being surprised and a week later I’m still drooling over the memory of how amazing these were.

Patty&Bun Burger & Fries

Smoky Robinson Burger & chips with rosemary salt

The chips I’m afraid weren’t as impressive. Sure they’re crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside with a slight hint of rosemary but how can anything beat the chicken wings? If you’re by yourself and have a small stomach, stick with the chicken wings and leave the fries. Who cares if you’re going into protein overload – it’s worth it.

Smoky Robinson Burger

Smoky Robinson Burger

Cooked to perfection - Medium Rare

Cooked to perfection – Medium Rare

I felt like I’d be let down after enjoying the chicken wings so much but the burger was amazing. The brioche bun is sweet and complemented the medium rare beef burger perfectly and had just the right amount of smoky-ness from the BBQ sauce. Once you have all the flavours in your mouth, everything just seems to melt. The only memory of the burger is the mess it leaves all over your hands/fingers/arm/lap.. you get the picture. Luckily Patty & Bun is armed with napkins and has a stack full behind the cash register.

I’m not a burger connoisseur and they’ve never been that exciting to me but since the OH is a huge burger fan I’ve now eaten quite a few. Dare I say  this is possibly the best burger I’ve eaten… ever? If you don’t want all your future burger experiences to be ruined after trying Patty & Bun then this is not the place for you, otherwise what are you waiting for?

Patty & Bun, Marylebone

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