Pitt Cue Co – Believe the Hype

Pitt Cue Co is a restaurant with a huge online following. There’s just one major hiccup; a small, tightly packed dining area which can only seat around 25 people. If you’re not early, then you will be waiting outside for most of the evening.

It’s no wonder that a restaurant with a vast following and gleaming online reviews, would bring a swarm of fellow foodies. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough room to feed them all.

Pitt Cue Co Exterior

To help, the kitchen closes at 3pm and re-opens at 5.30pm every day. Armed with a plan of action, myself and the OH decided to arrive early on a Saturday to beat the queue.

We arrived around 5.15pm, and to our amazement, not one soul was queuing. We were first in line and incredibly proud of ourselves, although, it wasn’t long before the masses started lining up behind.

Pitt Cue Co Bar

Pitt Cue Co works in two phases to help handle the large amounts of hungry diners. Although doors open at 5.30pm, the kitchen doesn’t open until 6pm. This works throughout the night, once you’re at the bar, you may still be left waiting a long time. This is eased slightly by the array of tempting bar snacks and alcoholic beverages on offer.

Although this is a great idea, and I can understand why the policy works, the bar is extremely small and uncomfortable with too many people squeezed into one area.

Pitt Cue Co Interior

As we were first in line, we were first to enter the restaurant which was a reflection of the bar area; small & cramped. If you hate being squeezed up against your neighbours whilst you’re eating, then Pitt Cue co is probably not the restaurant for you.

Nevertheless, once we were seated, our server warmly greeted us with a detailed description of each item on the menu. My mouth was watering just listening.

Caramel Ribs

Caramel Ribs

For starters we decided to share the caramel ribs. The ribs arrived with a dark, glistening coat of sticky, sweet sauce that made the smoky, moist pork sing. Trust me, they tasted as good as they look.

Pulled Pork Bun

Pulled Pork Bun

The OH, who of course is a huge fan of burgers, ordered the pulled pork served in a brioche bun. The pulled pork had again been slow cooked, and the OH said it was the best pulled pork he’d ever tried.

Smoked Featherblade

Smoked Featherblade

Smoked Featherblade Close

Bone Marrow Mash

Bone Marrow Mash

I was sold on the beef featherblade which had been slow cooked for days making it extremely moist, tender and packed full of flavour. Although £16.50 felt a little steep, the quality, taste and texture was worth the price tag.

Each main course also came with a choice of side dish and we both decided on bone marrow mash. Out of all the dishes we tried, the mash was the dish that failed to impress as the bone marrow gravy was too salty ruining the overall taste. It was unfortunate as the mash itself, was the creamiest mash, both in taste and texture, that I’d tasted in a while.

Pitt Cue Co wasn’t a disappointment and I can understand why the restaurant has taken the food world by storm. Although the food is beautifully cooked, if I had waited for 2 hours, I think I would have been a lot less impressed. With the recent success of the restaurant, I just hope that Pitt Cue Co are planning on expanding, so I can re-live the glorious, slow-cooked meat.

N.B – Arrive on an empty stomach as the amount of meat will fill you up.

Pitt Cue Co, Soho

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