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August has been a pretty unhealthy month for me, I just can’t seem to say no to food. I was invited by a friend to go to one of her favourite Thai restaurants called @Siam.

Thai food is one I crave most and it may be due to the fact that unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any decent Thai take away places where I live, unless you order from a Chinese/Thai hybrid, which of course is never very good. So how could I say no?

Siam Decoration

Located in the heart of Soho, @Siam is conveniently located, and neighbours with Koya; a very popular Japanese noodle restaurant.

Gai Sa-tay - Chicken Satay

Gai Sa-tay – Chicken Satay with peanut dip

My friend ordered gai sa-tay which is the popular Thai starter; chicken satay. The chicken was still moist and had a lovely sweet taste and the peanut dip was sweet and rich. I was actually quite surprised at the portion sizes which were incredibly generous.

Kor Moo Yang

Kor Moo Yang – marinated pork with spicy tamarind sauce

My starter of choice was kor moo yang or grilled marinated pork which was served with a spicy tamarind sauce. Again the portions were generous and I think this was a serving size for two rather than one. Nevertheless I still managed to eat it all. The pork was cooked well and was succulent, a little sweet with a slight sticky texture.

Moo Tod Kra Taem Prik Thai

Moo Tod Kra Taem Prik Thai

My friend opted for a stir fry dish named moo tod kra taem prik thai, which essentially is stir fried pork in a garlic and pepper sauce. Delicious helpings of juicy pork that had a good balance of flavours. Although the dish tasted good it’s a little uninspiring compared to the other dishes we tasted.

Steamed Jasmine White and Brown Rice

Steamed Jasmine White and Brown Rice

Gang Phed Ped Yang

Gang Phed Ped Yang

I had to satisfy my terrible craving for Thai curry and opted for a dish I wouldn’t find on a takeaway menu; gang phed ped yang is marinated duck breast in a Thai red curry sauce with lychee, pineapple and grapes.

Again with the portion sizes, this was also a generous size. What I loved about the curry was the sweetness from the lychees, grapes and pineapple but seemed to balance well with the red curry sauce which was rich, filling and had a slight kick. Duck was still moist giving you a meaty texture and flavour and all in all this was delicious. A slight niggle I had was that I asked for my curry extra spicy. I was then questioned by our server, whether I was sure I wanted it spicy. Was this actually going to be too hot for me to handle? Now when the curry came, the curry was not at all spicy, not to my standards anyway. It had a slight kick but could have done with a lot more heat which was slightly frustrating. Maybe this was because they thought I wouldn’t be able to handle the heat. I guess I’ll never know..

Although the food was delicious, the service was a let-down. The beautiful modern interior was matched with a cold un-inviting service. Maybe they were just having a bad day, but it’s not right when a restaurant makes the diner feel a little awkward. Apart from the service, @Siam managed to deliver and satisfy my craving. If you want to eat delicious, authentic Thai cuisine in the heart of London, then look no further.

@Siam, Soho

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