Taste of Emilia – An Italian Sensation in Dublin

Taste of Emilia is a restaurant raved about by my sister and upon visiting her in Dublin recently, she couldn’t wait for me to try the food. The restaurant itself, focuses on the Emilia-Romagna region in Northern Italy with all meat and cheese imported directly. After hearing about its authenticity, how could I not be excited?

Situated just a few streets from O’Connell street, is a quaint green delicatessen that many tourists walk by without noticing. The deli doesn’t say much on the outside nor on the inside and is far too small to be considered a restaurant with 4 tables all closely packed. Without a booking, evenings and weekends can get exceptionally busy but luckily for us, my sister reserved seating for 8.

Taste of Emilia Cured Meat Counter and Cheese Counter

Cured Meat Counter & Cheese Counter

Taste of Emilia Products

Taste of Emilia Placemat

Taste of Emilia Caffe Freddo

Caffe Freddo

The delicatessen also offers food to take away with all Italian cured meat and cheese found at the counter along with balsamic vinegar cream and many other Italian imported condiments and treats. If I wasn’t traveling with just hand luggage, I would have packed a suitcase full…

Tagliere Zibello

Tagliere Zibello (Culatello Ham Dop con cotenna from Zibello – Parma ham, Strolghino Salame of Culatello, Parmesan Cheese with Balsamic Vinegar Cream)

Tagliere Zibello Close

The parma ham was beautiful, sliced so fine it was almost transparent and served alongside freshly baked bread, olive oil, and the gloriously, delicious balsamic vinegar cream. The balsamic vinegar was like no other balsamic vinegar I’ve ever tried; thicker in consistency and with a smooth acidity that wasn’t sharp or tart but lifted all the meat and cheese together to make a taste explosion.

Simple, yet so delicious.

Tagliere Trentino

Tagliere Trentino (Carne Salada – carpaccio of beef, with extra virgin olive oil, black pepper, fresh rocket and parmesan cheese shavings)

Tagliere Trentino Close

Since there was 8 of us, we ordered another platter between us and opted for carpaccio beef. The beef again was sliced so fine, it was almost transparent and had a delicious meaty flavour. The added rocket added a peppery taste to the beef but with the added sweet and sharpness from the rest of the ingredients was again, simply delightful.

Once we’d ravished the meat and cheese platters we moved onto food for ourselves and the group was split between ordering the bruschettone (bread based pizza-style bruschetta) and piadina wraps (Italian flatbread).

Romagna Piadina Wrap

Romagna Piadina Wrap (Parma Ham, Cheese, Fresh Rocket)

Romagna Piadina Wrap Close

I decided to order the traditional piadina wrap with parma ham, rocket and cheese. I enjoyed the parma ham so much from the shared platter, I couldn’t get enough.

The piadina was disappointing compared to all the other food served as the flatbread, ham and cheese made the dish altogether, too salty. All the flavours were exquisite on their own, there was just an offset of seasoning.

Crudo & Rucola Bruschettone (Italian flatbread)

Crudo & Rucola Bruschettone (Italian Flatbread)

Compared to the piadina wrap, the brushettone, had similar ingredients but with the added tomato, gave balance to the dish and wasn’t at all salty. If only I could have stomached more food I would have gladly helped my friends finish their dishes.

Taste of Emilia is why I started food blogging in the first place. It was inspiring to see how delicious flavours, especially such simple ingredients, can taste so wonderful together and I for one, have never experienced food of such great quality. The residents of Dublin are lucky to have such an authentic niche Italian restaurant so central. I’ve added Emilia-Romagna as a region I’d love to travel to and one day, that is where you’ll find me.

Taste of Emilia*, Dublin

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