The Bar at the Dorchester – Sheer Luxury

I’ve always wanted to stay at The Dorchester, with its history and luxury interior and although I still haven’t managed to stay overnight, I’ve recently had a taster of what the Dorchester has to offer.

The Bar

The Bar

We decided to go to the bar for a more casual Dorchester experience. Decorated with traditional dark browns and comfy leather seating and with a bar that serves too many drinks to name, you certainly feel part of the luxury.

Dorchester Cocktails

Left – The Vesper (Created by Ian Fleming and immortalised in his 1953 Casino Royal book)
Right – Strawberry Cup

The OH opted for The Vesper which was made famous by James Bond, and being a big Bond fan, he couldn’t resist. For me, the drink was too strong and all I could taste was vodka with a very subtle hint of lemon. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

I opted for Strawberry Cup which consisted of ‘fresh strawberries, marinated with Maraschino, Limoncello and kaffir lime leaves and topped with champagne’. This was one of the best champagne cocktails I’ve ever tasted. The champagne wasn’t overly sweet and was extremely smooth. The strawberries after being soaked in the champagne, were delicious.

Chef’s selection of Italian finest cuts

Chef’s selection of Italian finest cuts

As a starter we ordered the Chef’s selection of Italian meats to share. We ordered the smaller portion and were impressed at how generous the portions were. Each Italian meat from prosciutto to salami were of a very high standard, smoked beautifully and full of flavour.

My only criticism was that the dish was served with two grilled sourdough slices, which wasn’t enough for two.

Filet of Cod on Panzanella

Filet of Cod on Panzanella

As it was a  warm sunny day, I opted for a lighter course, filet of cod on panzanella dressed with a fresh, light coating of olive oil and lemon.

The cherry tomatoes were the sweetest I’d ever had and brought the dish alive. The cod was cooked perfectly and flaked as soon as the fork touched, croutons crispy with a peppery hint and it was a beautiful dish not only in taste but in presentation. The only downfall was there were too many salad leaves, a lighter hand would have made the dish perfect but that might be me being picky.

Wagyu burger, tomato relish and truffle mayonnaise

Wagyu burger, tomato relish and truffle mayonnaise served with hand-cut chips

After being impressed with my dish, the wagyu beef burger the OH order was underwhelming. The presentation was the first disappointment with a small burger (similar in size to the chips) served with around 7 oversized chips and to ‘complete’ the dish was a spoon with mayonnaise on the plate.

Inside Wagyu Burger

Looks can be deceiving.

The burger was beautiful and the OH said it was the best burger he’d ever tried. Although overcooked (I like mine medium-rare), there wasn’t a drop of flavour lost and the wagyu beef was tender, juicy and packed full of flavour. The burger is the most expensive I’ve ever tried and will set you back £29. However, this is the first time I’ve ever tried wagyu beef and although hard and expensive to get hold of in the UK, it’s worth every penny. The chips were also delicious, thin crispy outer, with lots of fluffy potato in the middle.

Although places like The Dorchester can feel intimidating at first, (especially if you don’t have cash to splash)  the staff, service, drinks and food is exceptional making you feel part of the luxurious experience. The food is expensive but is it worth it?
Yes. Yes it is.

The Bar at the Dorchester, Mayfair

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