The Garden Gate – Overpriced Pub Food

Since the UK has had quite a long heat wave, it only seemed right to be relaxing in a pub on a weekday evening. Fresh cider, the sun and good company there was only one thing missing; food.

The Garden Gate is a beautiful pub around the corner from Hampstead Heath overground station and the beer garden is a beautiful. Unfortunately, the atmosphere and setting is where the positive ends.

Handmade British cheese burger & fries

Handmade British cheese burger & fries

The OH ordered a burger; his speciality and when he’s hungry it’s the only thing he thinks about. The burger arrived and looked half heartedly put together. I’m not sure if this was what was meant by ‘handmade’ as it certainly didn’t look elegant. Maybe ‘put-together-roughly cheeseburger & fries’ would have been a better and more accurate description. Bland, unexciting, overcooked and poor quality… need I say more?

Cider & tarragon battered cod & skin-on chips, crushed peas & tartare

Cider & tarragon battered cod & skin-on chips, crushed peas & tartare

I on the other hand, opted for the British classic; fish (cod) and chips. I was a little more impressed with my presentation and dug-in only to be left with a horribly bitter, greasy fish. The batter could have done with a few more minutes in the deep fryer to make it more crispy however the inside fish was incredibly slimy, enough to linger and coat your tongue. It wasn’t pleasant. I’m not sure if this was the fish being close to its expiration date or the hot humid weather, but the fish didn’t taste fresh. The chips were decent enough, there just wasn’t enough of them.

The worst part of the entire food experience was the price. I’m not against paying for good pub food but the burger was £10.25 and the fish and chips were £12. Absolutely no excuse for poor quality food for that price especially in an affluent area such as Hampstead. Understandable if this was ‘Wetherspoon’s’ and the prices were around the £5 mark, I wouldn’t have felt cheated by the food but to charge over £10 to then be served food such as this, it’s amazing that they’ve managed to get away with it!

If you’re going to visit The Garden Gate, stay away from the food. You’ll then be left having a pleasant evening in a beautiful beer garden and a pub that serves interesting drinks. I just wish I’d known this before…

The Garden Gate, Hampstead Heath

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