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‘The Well’ is a modern British gastropub situated in the heart of Clerkenwell. After a few drinks the evening before and in need of a pick-me-up, we wandered by, knowing that The Well offered Brunch.

The Well

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The Well was decorated in a modern yet shabby, homely interior and it was a perfect dining spot for a quiet Saturday brunch/lunch. Deciding against what we first set out to do – gorge-on an unhealthy breakfast – we both instead opted for the lunch/dinner menu.

100% Dexter Beef Burger, bacon, smoked chedder served with chips and a homemade tomato sauce

100% Dexter Beef Burger, bacon, smoked cheddar served with chips and a homemade tomato sauce

The OH opted for a beef burger. For those of you that have been reading for a while, might know that this is his favourite food and also perfect for a morning hangover.

The homemade tomato sauce was sweet yet slightly rich with a deep flavour that was a welcomed addition to the chips. There was no reaching for any Heinz ketchup which is always a good sign. The burger although satisfying, was slightly disappointing, especially at the £14.50 price tag. A pleasant enough burger which then has cold tomato sliced in the middle which ruins the overall taste. I never understood the concept of mixing cold and hot food together – even if it supposed to be part of the salad.

Pan Fried Fillet of Seabass served with potato gnocchi, purple broccoli & a butter sauce

Pan Fried Fillet of Sea bass served with potato gnocchi, purple broccoli & a butter sauce

My dish of choice was the pan-fried fillet of sea bass. Although previously on a hunt for something greasy, fried and the quickest route to a heart attack, I decided for something healthier and fresh.

The butter sauce was delicious and was just enough on the plate. The potato gnocchi was cooked well, fried slightly with a soft middle which worked beautifully with the butter sauce and the sea bass was delightful; crispy skin without being overcooked. The dish as a whole was exactly what the doctor ordered, although at £15.50 i felt like the dish was overpriced.

The Well is a wonderful little place, especially to dine around lunchtime, however some items on the menu are overpriced. Maybe if we had arrived for dinner we would have been more satisfied with the price point but I feel that the atmosphere at The Well is more suited for a quiet afternoon lunch rather than a dinner destination.

The Well, Clerkenwell

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