Viet Grill – A New Firm Favourite

Viet Grill is located on Kingsland Road which is more commonly known as the ‘Pho Mile’ and the epicentre for Vietnamese food in London.

Viet Grill Interior

The interior of Viet Grill was casual and quiet for a weekday lunchtime. The restaurant was however, laid out well with plenty of space for diners on busy evenings.

Viet Grill Menu

The lunch menu is extensive with many different express menus. It took us awhile to decide what we wanted as there were many dishes with interesting flavour combinations.

I opted for the ‘Rice Lunch’ which consisted of a main course, soup of the day, rice and side salad. We also decided to order some spring rolls for starters.

Pork & Shrimp Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Pork & Shrimp Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Myself and a friend decided to share pork and shrimp spring rolls. The spring rolls are like none I’ve tried, greaseless pastry that had a decent crunch and the filling was too good to describe. I was surprised at how delicious they were, and I wish I’d ordered my own portion!

Prawn Soup of the Day

Prawn Soup of the Day

As part of the lunch menu, the soup of the day arrived alongside the main course and on the day of visiting, I received a prawn based soup. The dish was fresh, light and beautifully balanced. My only complaint was that there was only two prawns in the dish, however it was a decent size since the set menu surprisingly arrived with big portions.

Campfire Steak in Claypot

Campfire Steak in a Clay Pot

My friend ordered the campfire steak which arrived in a clay pot, and was heated at the table. Gimmicks aside, the dish was actually impressive and the steak, once cooked, was soft and tender.

Softshell Crab Curry

Softshell Crab Curry

Softshell Crab Curry

I’ve never tried crab in curry let-alone softshell crab and decided to try something I previously would never have picked.

I was surprised at the amount of heat the dish had. Luckily enough, I’m an avid heat lover but was surprised that the menu didn’t state how spicy the dish would be. Spice aside, the curry itself was more-ish and I finished each drop with the included jasmine rice. Each ingredient, such as the spicing and herbs, lifted the dish, leaving a curry hard to replicate. As for the softshell crab it was unusual to have crispy crab in the middle of the curry and not one I’m convinced by. I think replacing the crab with beef would have been a better fit, however that may just be personal preference.

Viet Grill was a pleasant surprise and if I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting to love the restaurant as much as I did. Each dish had perfectly balanced flavours that gave an insight into the beauty of Vietnamese cuisine and one that I’ve become quite fond of. The portion sizes are also extremely generous and the best part is the price. Delicious Vietnamese food without breaking the bank, what’s not to love?

Viet Grill, Hoxton

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